Masters Heaters

The Master heater line carries a large varity of portable heaters. The Master heaters line includes forced air construction heaters, salamader and torpedo heaters, radiant construction heaters, convection construction heaters, and tank top heaters. Each unit is available in natural gas, propane, kerosene, or fuel oil depending on the model.

Wilms Heaters

Wilms UK specialise in all aspects of mobile heating, from our Val6 Radiant 240V/110V heater to Indirect Fired Heaters, running on Diesel, Gas, Electricity or Paraffin

Roberts Gordon Cabinet Heaters

Energy Efficiency

Combat® units were the first warm air heaters to meet the governments criteria for energy efficient products and receive approval under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, emphasising our commitment to providing clients with cost effective and energy efficient heating solutions.

It is always our recommendation, where height allows, to install our 'Energy Saving Fans'. These fans gently spread heat the naturally rises back to floor level, ensuring an even distribution of heat and reducing running costs with added benefit of summer air movement

Waste Oil Heaters

Why Heat With Waste Oil?

From large fleet operators to small businesses…everyone benefits from clean, cost-efficient waste oil heat. FREE Heat! Fed up with high heating costs? As energy prices climb, waste oil heat is gaining popularity. Not only does waste oil heat reduce your heating bills, it also eliminates the cost to haul used oil off-site. Waste oil heaters usually pay for themselves in 12-18 months - and a warmer shop can lead to higher productivity. 500-1000 gallons is all the used oil you need to save thousands of pounds each year.

Why Lanair?

Reliable, Low Maintenance Design

Superior quality and technology make Lanair the most reliable, cost-efficient waste oil heaters in the industry. And in the unlikely event that your Lanair heater should require service, easy installation and modular, low maintenance design simplifies troubleshooting and repair.
High heating and fuel costs can be eliminated by burning your used engine oil and transmission fluid in a Lanair waste oil fired heater. All automotive, fleet, and equipment repair garages have an untapped source of free fuel in the used oil they generate. Burning used oil in a Lanair heater will reduce your used oil disposal costs and environmental liability.

Protect & Conserve Natural Resources

Burning waste oil to obtain “free” heat is an environmentally friendly way to deal with one of the industry’s major pollution problems. By turning a waste product into a valuable fuel, you help to conserve natural energy sources and protect water and soil resources from oil pollution. Emissions are similar to burning standard fuel oil, plus on-site recycling reduces the chance of accidental spills, improper disposal, and vehicle emissions generated during transport of the used oil off-site. competitive cost of direct buying—without all the hassles. If you ever have a problem, TWorkshop Equipment can access Lanair’s 28 years of experience. A phone call or e-mail is all it takes to access TWorkshop Equipment’s direct technical support and parts department to keep you warm and toasty.

End Cradle-to-Grave Liability

The liability for proper disposal of used oil extends from the moment it drains into your oil pan until it is processed or burned. This includes any accidental spills or intentional dumping by a used oil hauler.

Installation Service

Should you choose not to install the Lanair Waste Oil Heater yourself, we offer an installation service using our own factory trained engineers. Our engineers are fully qualified and carry the necessary emission testing equipment.

Master Heaters Specifications
B35/B70 Direct Heaters B100/B150 Direct Heaters B230/B360 Direct Heaters
B35/B70 B100/B150 B230/B360
BV77E Indirect Heater BV465-685E Indirect Heater XL9/XL9 2-Step Infrared Oil/Kerosene Heaters
BV77E BV465-685E XL9/XL9 2-Step
BLP15M/BLP30M Propane/Butane Gas Heater BLP53E Propane/Butane Gas Heater BLP100E Propane/Butane Gas Heater
B2 EPB B22 EPA Electric Fan Heater B18 EPR Electric Fan Heater
DH42 Dehumidifier BG100PD Cabinet Oil Heater BF30E/60E  Cabinet Oil Heater
BG100PD BF30E/60E VW16
BG100PW Universal Oil and Solid Fuel Heater WA33B Universal Oil and Solid Fuel Heater CT50 Universal Oil and Solid Fuel Heater
BG100PD BF30E/60E VW16
Wilms Heaters Specifications
Wilms Heaters
Wilms Heaters
Roberts Gordon Combat Cabinet Heaters Specifications
Combat Cabinet Heaters
Combat Cabinet Heaters
Lanair Waste Oil Heaters Specifications
MX-150 Waste Oil Heater MX-200 Waste Oil Heater MX-250 Waste Oil Heater
MX-150 MX-200 MX-250
MX-300 Waste Oil Heater MX-Burner
MX-300 MX-Burner

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