Our range of compressors are British made to British Standards. The receivers are made by Rednal Pneumatics GB, and are manufactured from 5mm boiler plate. All receivers are Lloyds accredited and will last longer than any other receiver that is imported into this country. The compressor pumps are manufactured in the Far East - we have been selling these compressors for around 17 years. In this time we have had less than 6 warranty claims. The main reason for this is that they are well made, slow speed, cast iron, heavy duty machines. The pump design is unique, however they are extremely well balanced and cool around the cylinders and thus very efficient. There range is comprehensive ranging from single phase to three phase petrol and diesel.

At TWorkshop Equipment we also sell a range of rotary screw compressors manufactured by a company called rota. These are manufactured to an exacting standard and are stand alone machines through to receiver mounted units. These are supplemented by a range of filters and refrigerant dryers.

TWorkshop Equipment offers a full pipework installation service using either Transair lightweight extruded aluminium or galvanized piping. We prefer whereever possible to install the Transair lightweight extruded aluminium systems complete with push and twist couplings, as this keeps the labour cost down when compared to the old galvanised pipe work installation.

HW25 Compressor HW45 Compressor HW65 Compressor
HW25 HW45 HW65
BW45 Compressor HV16 Tandem Compressor H23 Diesel Compressor
BW45 HV16 Tandem H23 Diesel
H32 Compressor HV16 Compressor H21 Compressor
H32 HV16 H21
HV6 Compressor HW25 Petrol Compressor Mobile 32 Petrol Compressor
HV6 HW25 Petrol Mobile 32 Petrol
Mobile V12 Compressor Mobile W16 Compressor VW16 Compressor
Mobile V12 Mobile W16 VW16

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